Yeh Jeevan Hai

Posted by SMM on 16:02
This song has been  playing on my Ipod since morning. I have heard this song so many times but its only today that I suddenly started wondering at the beautiful lyrics.
Yeh Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka
(This is Life)

Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai Rungroop
(Of this life this is the colours & shapes)

Thode Ghum Hain, Thodi Khushiyan
(A little sadness, a little  happiness)

Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai Chaon Dhoop
(This is the shade and the sun)

Yeh Jeevan Hai... 

Yeh Na Socho Isme Apni Haar Hai Ke Jeet Hai
(Don't think whether there is your win or your loss in this)

Ise Apna Lo Jo Bhi Jeevan Ki Reet Hai
(Adopt this, this is the tradition of life)

Yeh Zid Chodo, Bandhan Yuh Na Todo
(Don't be stibborn, don't break off your ties)

Har Pal Ek Darpan Hai
(Every moment is a  mirror)

Yeh Jeevan Hai...

Dhan Se Na Duniya Se, Ghar Se Na Dwar Se
(Not from money, not from the world, not from the  home or the door)

Saason Ki Dor Bandhi Hai, Preetam Ke Pyar Se
(Your breath is tied to your love)

Duniya Choote, Par Na Toote, Yeh Aisa Bandhan Hai
(The world may leave you but this tie will not break, this is such a bond)

Yeh Jeevan Hai...
Yeh Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka
Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai Rungroop
Thode Ghum Hain, Thodi Khushiyan
Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai - Yahi Hai Chaon Dhoop
Yeh Jeevan Hai...


this is life.. with all its colors and hues.... some reds and some blues!!

Absolutely...life in all its colours

Wut beautiful lyrics SMM!

**You breath is tied to your love

that line touched me alot. Im in tears now!

lol Im serious, omg Im so 'DRAMA'! *rolling eyes*

*HUGZ* n ty for sharing this with us!


yes yes.. .hugz from me too....

I wish it was always THODE gham and not bahut saare!

Keshi: Yes the lyrics in some of our Bollywood songs are truly beautiful. Its just that we don't realize, but when we actually stop and listen to it - that's when we realize it

Solitaire: Yup but its only because of the Gham do we value our khushi. Some of us have some more of one and some have more of the other

yes! thats why I love Hindi music and lyrics :)


Hi ,

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Thanks Ray....

That song is now stuck in my head for the next week :) ! Btw my comment on your last post disappeared :( !

That song is now stuck in my head for the next week :) ! Btw my comment on your last post disappeared :( !

Keshi: Hindi film music for us is in our genes :P

Anu: There are times when I listen to certain songs on my way to work in the morning and then it keeps playing on a loop all day in my head :)

Btw I checked too. no idea how your comment just disappeared. Sorry :(

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