Those Good Ol' Days

Posted by SMM on 13:57
I look at kids these days all the time with their personal mobiles and computers...and wonder where the magic of childhood, the innocence, the carefree feeling, those shrieks of joy have gone.

I wonder how many kids today have played tipri (Hopskotch), Long Gallery/ Short Gallery, Car Numbers, Catch, Treasure Hunt/ Investigators, Hot & Cold, Dodgeball, Dumb Charades, Roti, Unch Neech, Frisbee, Hide n Seek, Cycling, Swimming etc etc. One of my favourite games (I just can't remember the name though. If any of you do remember plz tell me) was where one person with his back to the rest of us (the Denner) would call out random alphabets and we could take a jump forward only if our name had that alphabet and when one of us finally reached the Denner, we would tap him on the back and run back to the Safe Zone. If any of us got caught by the Denner before we reached the Safe Zone, then that person was the next Denner. I remember resolving loads of disputes about who was to be the first Denner with a show of hands or "Oh God God". I remember playing "Uma Joshi" and "Jab Miss Mary choti this..." and doing intricate puzzles with strings. I would learn new string tricks from my grandmother and show them off. Onetime we put up a tent and sold lemonade and made sure all the Uncles & Aunties in the building came down to have it. We sold it for 25p a glass. I remember making all cards - birthday cards, anniversary cards, just like that cards, new year greetings. I remember playing for hours with a small ball of atta (dough).

I remember playing Dark Room, Snakes & Ladders, Darts, Quiz, Make-believe, Zap, Uno, Ludo, Scrabble, Business, Monopoly.

I spent hours reading the latest Quest and Target and Newsjoy (I don't think any of these exist anymore). Quest was a children's magazine which used to come from Russia. Publication stopped after the breakup of the USSR. Target was another children's magazine which was on the lines of Quest. Newsjoy was a children's weekly newspaper, which used to condense the news from "adult newspapers" and put it in an easy-to-read and understand form for the kids. I remember reading Amar Chitra Kathas, Tinkles, Chacha Chowdhary (whose mind thinks faster than a computer), Chalet School series, Three Investigators, lots of Enid Blyton (I shall have to do a separate post on her sometime).

I remember waiting for Sundays to watch Tom & Jelly (as I used to call it) & Mahabharat. I remember watching Dekh Bhai Dekh & Zaman Badal Gaya Hai. When Sony TV & Star had just started showing in India, I would avidly watch I Dream of Jeannie, Different Strokes, Wonder Years, Swatcats & Doogie Howser MD.

Those were the days when we had to painstakingly sit with the family encyclopedia and research for school projects (no Wikipaedia in those days) and trace out pictures to put in it, write out the entire thing with tongue hanging out in the effort & concentration required, make charts for the class board.

Aaaahhhh...the magic in those good ol' days. Kids today just miss out on all of this and so much more cooped up with their personal phones and computers all day. They lose their innncoence in the umpteen rounds of tuitions and career enhancing classes. Kids today don't go for dance classes cuz they want to, but cuz it's somethig to put in their CV. Kids are entering the ratrace as early as the age of 10 and burn out by the time they are 18. The only time my parents actually got serious about my studies was my Board years & class 9 (when I almost flunked Maths). My parents didn't mind whether I got an A or a B, so long as I understood what I had studied, and not learning by rote.

I hope my kids (whenever I have them) have a chance to enjoy their childhood and don't get weighed down by peer pressure and the ratrace at an early age.


i used to play doctor doctor too!!!

so true.. jst scared of having my own children and watch them play computer/video games or be stuck to tv screens.. the thought if it is infuriating

Wut a great post SMM!

Yes, kids these days hardly hv a natural 'childhood'. They r tied and dragged by the so-called 'My child must be the best' beliefs of shallow parents. I call em trophy kids. Sadly there r alot of parents like that ard.

My parents never forced their opinions on me or forced me to do wut they wanted me to follow. I chose my own field of studies...and I was a child who loved nature, when it came to play time. And I never got so many presents like how kids these days get!

**Onetime we put up a tent and sold lemonade and made sure all the Uncles & Aunties in the building came down to have it. We sold it for 25p a glass. I remember making all cards - birthday cards, anniversary cards, just like that cards, new year greetings

omg I did the same kinda things! :) I can imagine a very cute SMM selling lemonade awww...

Times hv changed yes...but that doesnt mean we as adults make our children become robots too. Im not a parent yet, but if I ever hv kids I'll make sure I raise em to appreciate things that we already hv and r FREE of charge.


i hate these mobile phones and the gizmos and you are so right! haven't seen these kids play hide & seek , catch and catch, chain chain or lock & key like we use to.
they are always cooped up in front of their laptops and the tv or talking on the phone.
what are we coming down to and yes I so don't want my children to have such a childhood.
i remember playing "houses" and the kitchen sets and the barbie dolls. I remember climbing trees and playing in the parkevery afternoon during the summer holidays. i remember ringing the neighbours bells and running away hehe! i wanted to try doing the same 2 years back and even if the idea seemed to be perfectly crazy and fun to me my cousin said " No, now at the age of 23,24 we really would not be able to justify ringing somebody's doorbell and running away."
and the books, well I don't even wanna get started on them. i even remember chandamama and buying those comics on the train.
sigh! we'll never be children again.

good old days dont have to fade into history if you pursue your life with the same zest and freedom the perspective of age will make the gold glow more

I remember being carefree and living with zero pressure. Tell this to today's kids running from school to swimming to dance class to karate - I pity them, really!

Hmm well tht will depend on hw u bring them up. :) I sure they will enjoy there childhood if u let them. :)

was it red letter? v used to play kho kho..n also.."i sent a letter to my father" wid the handkerchief..:)v used to make ravan during deepawali evry yr widout fail wid frens by collecting 'chanda' frm aunties n uncles n wud invite thm n also manage to buy prashad(shakkar in a polythene bag)wid the remainng chillar...jaane kahan gaye woh din....

Arjun: Yes I'v heard all about your doctor doctor tales :P

Rachita: Ban all video games I say...I also have an ulterior motive in tht.Heee hawww haww haww (Evil laugh)

Rachita: Ban all video games I say...I also have an ulterior motive in tht.Heee hawww haww haww (Evil laugh)

Keshi: Very true. Kids these days take mobile phones, Acs, Ipods, chauffer-driven cars and Internet for granted. I got my cell phone in my 3rd year i college only when my parents finally decreed that it was absolutely essential since there was no phone in my PG.

Besides my parents always gave me the liberty to do what I wanted so long as my studies didn't suffer - that was the only criteria.They encouraged me to play all day, read books, make bournvita chocolate, study when I wanted to, go out with my friends, fall from the cycle and get up on my own, break my ankle and hobble around missing the basketball games.

I guess that was also possible because we had the place to do. How many kids these days have access to a park and playmates? Everyone lives in cooped up flats

Utopia: Ha ha I remember very well...do you remember the water games int he bus and the time we got stuck in a jam and borrowed some water from a groom who was on his way to his mandap and was also stcuk int hat jam cuz of Lakshmi Mittal's son's wedding

Dad: True...the body is only as old as the mind thinks t to be

Simran: WC to my blog :)

True...we all did dance and karate and swimming and only for the joy of doing it all...not from the point of putting it on our CV.

Ria: I will certainly want my kids to enjoy their childhood...but I wonder if this nirdayi samaaj will let them enjoy it

Alak: Yup Red Letter is the one...so true - Jaane kahan gaye wo din...woh din hi kuch the woh zamana hi kuch aur tha

so true SMM!

And ur childhood is so similar to mine! :) LOVELY!

**make bournvita chocolate

I loved Bournvita!


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