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Think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I seem to be pissed with the world at large today. Argument with the Hubby as soon as I reached office. Open my mail box to see a stinker from a client. Not in the mood for even chocolate. Now boss wants an update on all our pending matters. What the hell am I supposed to do? Bloody sit and do this stupid thing or do all my long pending work since I'm in office today. These days I seem to be out of office more than in, which is not an issue. Only problem is that I have this whole list of long pending work, irritating clients who find it easier to pass the buck onto the lawyer rather than tell their Board what the actual issue is, maddening demanding bosses, work never seeming to get over. My 'To Do' list only seems to be getting larger. Each time I strike one thing off another two seem to get added. Sounds like Ravan's head. My clerk got it for not giving me an updated file. The office boy got it for not having filled up the bottle of water on my desk at 11 am till he was told to do so. Today whatever I say seems to be offensive. Easier for me to keep my mouth shut rather than bite everyone's head off.


first time on ur blog..and this space is really coooollll...nice theme,great style and its jus too nice... :)

am addin u to my floaters.. :)

Keep blogging.. :)

Hey Multi Menon...WC and Thanks. Hope to cya around more often now

jus lie low for a while.I think this is wht works best in such situations.

Ria: Thanks for the advice. That's exactly what I'm doing today :)

stress and too much work and not feeling appreciated by idiot clients and stupid bosses - it all adds up and can turn into one terrible mood!

the problem with that - and trust me, I have learned the hard way, is that when you get into a bad mood the person it hurts the most is you.

Breathe deep, stay in the moment and let it pass.


Oh oh.. one of those days where nothing seems to go right.

Hmm.... this too shall pass. Until then, keep cool.

oyeee u seem to be grumpy even today!

Thanks Dianne & J....I'm back to my normal sunny mood today

Utopia: This post was put up yesterday when I was all grumpy

LOL poor ya..HUGZ!


keshi: Ya that was one bad day.

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